Juggle Struggle : Pt 10

Hey guys,

I’m back again with another sit down and think, heart to heart blogpost. One aspect of today’s blogpost revolves around something we are exposed to on a daily basis, which most of us support and contribute towards.

Fast fashion.

I’ve been wanting to switch entirely to sustainable and independent brands instead of mass consumer brands for a while now but my current income does not allow for this to happen so another way I’ve been coping in order to do my bit for the environment fashion wise is to invest in quality and more versatile items. The other day I purchased from a low priced fast fashion brand I hadn’t purchased from in years and I realised how dangerously  cheap my purchase was – and by cheap I’m not speaking from a millionaire’s perspective because I am far from being that but by cheap I stress how easy it is to purchase so many garments because each individual garment is proportionately lower than higher branded items.

The more we buy, the more we are supporting the fast fashion industry which often relies on quick trend replicated or ‘influenced’ into rapidly mass produced versions – and this whole process does not stop, nor do any of its detrimental consequences, especially those on the environment – as trends come and go so do people’s interests and the easiest way of getting rid of clothing is to throw it out – hence the whole cycle repeats on the consumer scale. Beneath the consumer scale lay the excessive and toxic chemicals used to produce these mass fashion pieces – most of which are made out of polyester or a synthetic material of some sort – not that the production and bleaching of cotton is any less toxic but synthetic materials rely on a ‘chemical base'(whereas there’s already cotton fibres provided) in order to be created and not to be forgotten, the conditions in which the workers on the production level have to work and live in(if they work in cramped conditions at home or a similar environment).

When I first received my debit card and Paypal, the possibilities were endless and I found myself constantly purchasing clothes as well as trying to meet the FREE SHIPPING threshold – which was usually $75 and over (Glue and General Pants Co have the best sales on branded jeans #would recommend).

This year, even though I was working in Sydney city on Boxing Day – the prime location and date of the year for a maximisation in crowd, bad manners and bodily perspiration (especially as Boxing Day is in Summer, meaning hot weather in Sydney), I didn’t purchase anything on the day and in the days after, I only ended up purchasing quality essentials. I think I’ve only purchased 4 items since Boxing Day 2016?

This being said, my wardrobe is nowhere close to 100% fast fashion free but with careful budgeting and research I believe that it can be. One of the reasons as to why I’m so insistent on reducing and ultimately eliminating my fast fashion usage is that on this level I am able to contribute to the environment on a small scale because if I were to holler at everyone to stop buying fast fashion, who will listen to an insignificant individual like me? The change has to start within me.

However, at the moment I am not willing to give up or lessen my purchasing on makeup and skincare though  I do prefer to use products with as little artificial ingredients in it as possible even if it means replacing and repurchasing products more often, up to 4 more times than usual.

Whilst it’s difficult to purchase makeup items with as little artificial ingredients inside which have the same strength as popular makeup brands, I’ve opted to choose and use products(if possible) that do not contain parabens – the general term used for a group of preservatives used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products with the main function of eliminating and reducing bacteria growth which will allow for the prolonging of the shelf life of a product – sounds about like every preservative in products but parabens in particular have been a constant subject of controversy so I personally do not want to risk it.

You could say this is a New Year’s resolution of mine – but I’ve been trying to really push through throughout the year and hopefully make and exceed last year’s intended progress/goal.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated



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