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Finally got around to reviewing these KIKO Milano wet and dry eyeshadows. I had actually not known of this brand and had only stumbled across this by accident because there were a lot of people in the store which made me curious and upon swatching the eyeshadows instore I was in love with the pigmentation BUT that was with a finger and not a brush.

On the website, KIKO describes itself as ‘an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. Safe and effective products of the highest quality, created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women of any age.’


I purchased this from the Hong Kong Causeway Bay store which retailed each eyeshadow at 69 HKD  (roughly $13 AUD) for 2g worth of product. Interestingly, the packaging for the eyeshadows are thoroughly thought out and ‘finished’ – the plastic is sturdy, glossy and smooth to the touch and contrary to most brands of single eyeshadow pigment packaging closure method at this price point – which is normally a press click close-open, each KIKO eyeshadow packaging incorporates a magnetic closure as well as an internal magnet underneath each eyeshadow pan – which means you don’t have to struggle with a paper clip or fear the risk of accidentally scratching a good amount of eyeshadow before you are able to individually remove the eyeshadow pan – with the KIKO magnet systems within the packaging, it was efficient to remove the eyeshadow pans individually with my fingernail. On the other hand, some, myself included would think that the use of additional magnets would be a waste of materials.

The shades I purchased were 16, a shimmery champagne and 36, a subtle coral – both powder eyeshadows.


Some of the ingredient names listed above that piqued my curiousity were:

A synthetic polymer also known as polyamide, can have mattifying properties if used in high amounts as it is absorbent. It can also be used as a thickening agent for some products.

Butylated hydroxytoluene, is related to synthetic antioxidants used as preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products. However, various studies have proved BHT to be controversial, with links to toxicity as well as posing potential allergic reactions for some people. 

*Not all ingredients will be the exact same across all eyeshadow shades

*Please let me know if I have incorrectly provided any information above as I am not a skincare expert and only rely on internet sources for these conclusions.

I am simultaneously terrified/ but appreciate the amount of effort placed into packaging.


REAL LIFE SWATCH: #16 in inner crease, #36 in outer crease

Overall comments

The pigmentation was about a 4.5/5 and the product is true to its packaging though it’ll appear in variations of tones on different skind shades. At 69 HKD, they’re an affordable buy though I can see how this price point can be tempting to purchase to whole range. In terms of ingredient name analysis, they consisted mostly of artificial and synthetic preservatives, most which were harmless or had insufficient research for them to be confirmed as harmful – please correct me if I have been misinformed.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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