Peripera Ink velvet lip tint review

Hey guys,

Picked up this PeriPera liptint the other day because I was looking for a red colour that wouldn’t transfer or fade away. For swatches of the other colours in their range, click here.

#9 Love Sniper Red

Price: $18 AUD / 8 gram from Kim Sun Young/ Beautyworks located on George Street, Town Hall.


The ingredients were all in Korean so I wasn’t able to google all the ingredients present but a quick click to their website only resulted in them mentioning a few natural ingredients

  • Marine collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Organic jojoba oil
  • Olive oil
  • Amica Extract


The applicator tip is a standard doe feet tip with a densely textured end.

As a velvet matte red lip colour
As a strong pink tint lip colour

Apologies for the lighting inconsistencies above but after 6 hours of wear and application of lipbalm, the colour still stayed on.

Overall comments 

Compared to other watery type tints, the Peri’s velvet liptint is very difficult to remove – It took me a baby wipe, two makeup removers, Pawpaw lipbalm and facial cleanser on a washcloth to exfoliate the colour out till most of the colour was gone – It’s definitely longwearing though it does stain at the beginning when the tint is still fresh. The tint whether applied opaque or sheer isn’t moisturising nor extremely drying but lipbalm may be required after 2+ hours to prevent lips from flaking if you are prone to dry lips.

What I liked, in particular with this shade (#9 Love Sniper Red) was that it could be worn as a matte red lip colour or a bright pink lip colour.  However with the difficulty of removal, it’s discouraged me from purchasing any more till I figure out the most efficient way of tint removal.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated



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