Bondi Wholefoods review

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Visited Bondi Wholefoods today because Speedos Cafe was really packed around 1pm. Located at 1/30A Hastings Parade, North Bondi NSW 2026, Bondi Wholefoods stocks both organic ingredients as well as whole foods. Check out their menu here.

*The two items I got today were new items and are not listed on the menu linked above at the time of the upload of this blogpost.

Pink health smoothie $14.90

I don’t remember the exact name or all of the ingredients inside but there was definitely

  • dragonfruit
  • coconut water
  • some sort of protein powder
  • coconut flakes
  • chia seeds

This was my first smoothie with protein powder in it and to me its texture reminded me of the pink antibiotic syrup-py medicine for kids. Best consumed cold because I left it out in the sun for a bit too long and it became more of a chore to drink it – first world problems. The cool thing with these smoothies was that they also allowed for add-ons, in which there was a charcoal option!

Sweet potato wrap $13.90

The sweet potato wrap had little sauce – there was some type of tasteless white cream inside but it didn’t seem to be unhealthy saucey-cream (if that makes sense). A salsa-type of sauce was offered on the side – on a separate sauce dish which gave you the option of adding it to your wrap or not.

Overall comments

I would definitely revisit again because of the sweet potato wrap but also the other menu options – I’d want to try a few more dishes as I had a difficult time deciding today. The menu items I tried today were not laden with added flavour and sauce and could be considered ‘bland’ for most people but it screams ‘health’ and ‘whole foods’ so the dishes might not be for everyone’s palate.

If you are intending to visit to eat (as opposed to a quick drink and catchup), I’d recommend bringing a minimum of $30-35 AUD especially if you want to try out their smoothies which average around $11.90-$14.90.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 




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    1. Yes the wraps are so good, They also have a branch/store/cafe in Surry Hills! I went to that one as well and the quality of the wraps are the same as the ones at Bondi 🙂

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