Mario Badescu facial spray review

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The other day I picked up this facial spray because I wanted to check out what the hype behind this product was – this was also my first facial spray as I previously never saw the need for me personally to use it throughout the day as I think I have combination – oily skin.

“For over 40 years, Mario Badescu Skin Care has been providing advanced skin care products formulated with the highest quality ingredients and botanicals, specifically tailored to a range of skin care concerns.” [source]


Price: $9 AUD for 118ml/ $17 for 236ml from Mecca.

A side note, the packaging aesthetics reminds me of default fonts on Microsoft Word programs x labels of bulk buy school cleaning products. It’s simple, gets the message and information across but looks a bit low end.

Ingredient list

On the back of the label sticker, the brand states that it’s cruelty and paraben free.

It’s easily absorbed and non greasy as the main ingredient is Aqua (Water, Eau) though it leaves a semi sticky film on areas prone to oil. Additionally, I found that I broke out in a few areas(just several red areas/beginnings of pimples) after using it once on the face and my skin hasn’t broken out in a while nor have I changed my daily diet or makeup regime – I’ll be discontinuing my use of this spray on my skin.

Despite sounding seemingly very natural ingredient based ‘Facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater’, the spray also contains some ingredients of concern

  • Parfum (fragrance)

The term Parfum or fragrance usually represents a huge and complex mixture of chemicals(read more here) – my question is why is there added fragrance in a facial mist? Though we can’t eliminate all potential dangerous chemical ingredients in commonly used skincare and makeup products, we can minimise our daily exposure to them and if we really can’t/ unable to use/access alternatives, then by using products that should have them (i.e. parfum/fragrance in perfume) instead of using all products that contain parfum, both our exposure to these chemicals as well as negative environmental effects will be minimised.


* All information regarding ingredients come from researching off the internet, I am no means a skincare expert and it’s up to you as a consumer, to make the final decision.

* Every individual’s experience with skincare products will differ, so this product may work for you!

Overall comments

I reckon this facial spray would be an efficient alternative for people who don’t have time to physically massage moisturiser/lotion on their face/neck every morning – just a quick spritz/or a few spritzes and you’re good to go! The 118ml travel size seems like it could last a while for those who aren’t sure of investing in the full size 236ml bottle.

Overall in my opinion, it’s overhyped and glorified water in a bottle that smells nice.

I personally would not repurchase – not sure whether I have an allergy to one/some of the ingredients in the spray as my face isn’t overly sensitive.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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