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Hey guys,

Today’s post will be one of my stream of consciousness type of blogposts – I’ll be talking about my own experience with ‘not having one true calling‘. I was inspired to talk about this after I saw the below link floating around today.

The other day, I posted this image to my Instagram, needing to complete my ‘3 post’ visual theme (let’s be real, sometimes the Insta posts in a set of 3 are just filler posts.) So I got an outline sketch going, duplicated it in a mirrored state before overlaying over a different image, resulting in this visual chaos as shown below

Ambition (click on link to see the rest of my Instagram work)

That aside, onto the main part.

One of the many quotes in the Ted talk that resonated with me the most was

“while this question inspires kids to dream about what they can be, it does not inspire them to dream about all that they can be”

Most people’s responses/reactions to when they discover that I don’t study fashion range from shock to the question ‘why’  and sometimes to the dreaded remark “You’re in the wrong course”.

For a long time, I thought fashion design was my ‘one true calling’ but to be honest, it was the only career option I thought about following the longest – maybe 3-4 years, from about Year 9 I thought to myself “ Yeah I’m going to be a FASHION DESIGNER YEAH” but as time passed, I found myself trying to convince myself that pursuing fashion design would be my one true calling but the more I thought about it, it only seemed like I was deluding myself into thinking this so I’d live up to other people’s expectations – the level of thrill and determination I had for fashion design was not as strong as before so when the choices for uni course opened, instead of placing fashion as first priority, I placed it second. [Disclaimer: I’m not saying that I was too good for fashion design, my level of interest in fashion design merely dimmed.]

My first choice? Interior and spatial design. I went to an Open day seminar and thought that one of the projects shown that day was ‘pree cool’ as it maximised the utility of a space without the need for the increase of space and materials. I’d always been(and still am) invested in environmental issues and recently decided to quit purchasing clothing from fast fashion brands – so far it’s going good – my money is being spent on food and skincare/makeup though (all for the sake of reviews I’m telling myself haha).

Anyways, it really fascinated me as to how interior and spatial design delved past the materiality of furnishings and such to transform a space – I was hooked. Honestly, I was a tad bit nervous as I had subzero knowledge of anything interior and such related nor did I know of the CAD systems used or how Photoshop worked but hey, first year worked out alright!

However, upon recently discovering that there’s another course that majors in another aspect of the interior, I’m growing curious and more curious.

I’ve never been one to ‘settle’ – from when I was younger, I’d entertained/ sometimes seriously considered pursuing the path of a writer, poet, artist, comic book artist, pastry chef & dessert artist – I guess they somehow link together –

Right now, I’m still deciding what I really want and can study – who knows what’ll be next?

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback/thoughts are appreciated!



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  1. tbh the most comforting words that have been said to me when I was facing this ‘what am doing with my life’ was
    “the occupation you work in probably doesn’t exist yet so chill ouuttt”

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