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So I visited Bondi markets a week ago and picked up a bundle of natural soaps from PINTU.

I’ve been wanting to switch to natural body soaps for a while because of the environmental as well as health (skin focused) benefits associated with the usage of them as opposed to supermarket or even higher ended bottled shower gels/milks/soaps. I consider myself as someone who wears quite a lot of makeup products on their face and though I don’t see myself not wearing makeup (since there’s few brands that use less of the common chemicals found in makeup and that requires research), I feel that the easiest place for me to start nurturing my skin even more is to start with skincare for both the face and body. Currently, I’m using the Bathe to Basics face wash so that’s taken care of – Click here to read my Bathe to Basics review.

Benefits of natural bar soap

  • Minimum chemicals are used as most ingredients can be obtained naturally. Hence, there is less environmental damage and excess energy usage from the creation of synthetic ingredients/chemicals
  • No plastic/glass packaging is required – less risk of bottles being carelessly disposed of – less energy and time required to sort out/repurpose and reprocess the bottles
  • Less allergic reactions (depending on the individual) especially if there are some random/particular synthetic chemicals/ mixture of chemicals.
  • Depending on how they’re made and how they’re stored after use, bar soaps in general last longer than liquid soaps.

Previously I was not a fan of using bar soaps due to the misconception that the only method of applying the soap was to lather the soap directly from the bar but if you have time to grab a jar or a container and fill it up with shavings of soap, you can just scoop up a tablespoon or more when required – hence no worries with the image of transferring bacteria back and forth – something I do with any cream makeup as well is that I will scrape off however much is required and then keep scraping/scooping with a spatula or so to prevent bacteria build up that can occur if I keep dipping my brush in – some products cannot be avoided however such as powders.

PINTU @ Bondi Markets
Individual soap bars



The packaging is made out of dyed recycled paper – difference between ‘refined’ recycled and the raw version is the tactile texture of the page. After unwrapping the soaps(Not pictured), there was a layer of thin waxed paper wrapped around the soap- presumably to prevent oils from leaking/staining other things.

The bundle of 8 were also wrapped in a Hessian fabric strip, which fit the whole organic look but to be honest I didn’t know what to do with the strip afterwards.

The main ingredients used in most of the soap ‘flavours’ are

  • saponified coconut oil & palm oil
  • rice milk
  • honey (Hence this product is not considered Vegan if you are looking for Vegan soap)
  • fruit and/or flower essential oils

As seen in the image above, there’s a small note that clarifies that Pintu only uses sustainable palm oil – My friend and I purchased the soaps in the moment of oohing and aahing over the interesting colours of the soaps and didn’t see palm oil as an ingredient and proceeded to freak out later when we discovered it had listed palm oil but when we found out that it contained ‘sustainable palm oil’ we were somewhat relieved though how do we know it’s actually sustainable palm oil.

Read more on palm oil and the impacts the process of extracting it has on the environment here.

Overall comments

After a week of using these soaps, my skin did feel softer – not on a radical scale for example say sandpaper to cotton candy but there was a noticeable difference. Another thing that’s interesting with these soaps was despite the small amount of ingredients, and natural at that, there wasn’t a ‘moisturised’ feeling that’s sometimes left from supermarket shower gels such as Dove – whether it’s actually beneficial moisture or added chemicals that encourage moisture. Especially with the volcanic and exfoliator soap, you could tell that the soap did its job and washed away dead skin.

At $6 for a 120gm the bars are worth your money compared to the other organic bars that are easily accessible to us. I will keep researching on natural bar soaps and get more reviews up soon! 🙂

However, I will not be repurchasing in the meantime as I am still feeling conflicted about the listed ‘sustainable palm oil’ ingredient – If I can find other brands of soaps that do the same job as this one without any palm oil at all, then I’ll definitely be using that brand long term – it’s a really difficult choice, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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