THEFACESHOP liquid highlighter review

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The pink highlighter was gifted to me about 5 months ago and I recently purchased the gold highlighter. The RRP’s of the pink and gold highlighter seemed to range from $23 ish(pink) to $19 ish (gold) at the Town Hall THEFACESHOP store.

The formula is encased in a small glass bottle with a plastic screw lid – and a small brush similar to a nail polish brush is attached to the inside of the plastic screw lid.

Pink highlighter 13ml | Gold highlighter 14ml

*The images were taken 5 months about as I didn’t end up reviewing the pink highlighter when I first purchased it so please excuse the quality.

Shelf life

12 months after opening


  • Excellent contour for a confidence boost
  • Blend with other face makeup products to give skin a vibrant glow
  • Contains Perfect Seed that makes skin glow


Apply on the cheekbones, nose ridge, chin, forehead, cheeks, eyebrow bone, and other areas that need highlighting before or after face makeup. Use the brush to dot the desired area and blend in using your fingers. Mix with other face makeup products to give skin a healthy shimmer.

Ingredients list

Unfortunately I did not manage to take a photo of the ingredients on the pink highlighter box before I tossed out the packaging. However, I assume the ingredients will be similar across both products, with the only difference being the colours/pigments? used to achieve the colour of the formula as seen in the bottles.

  • Carmine is a pigment produced by drying, crushing, and then boiling the bodies of cochineal beetles to extract carminic acid [Source] Hence, this product is not Vegan friendly. The Korea National Assembly has passed a Bill to ban companies testing cosmetics and ingredients on animals by 2018Alcohol Often known to be a drying ingredient. [Source]
  • Palmitic acid is the most commonly found saturated fatty acid found in animals, plants and microorganisms. However, it is an ingredient of confusion and constant reassessment. [Source] For ethical reasons, I tend to avoid any products with any relation to palm oil unless it has some sort of a certification that states that it uses sustainable palm oil/and derivatives. [Source]

*I am not a skincare expert hence please correct me if I am incorrect. I only base my decisions on reading online articles. It is up to the consumer to make the final decision on whether they will purchase a product.

Overall comments

Pink highlighter – It delivers a subtle shimmery glow with a slight white undertone that fades when blended so it’s great for people who don’t want a strong highlight. However, i use it as a base highlighter where I apply a second powder highlighter over the spots I have applied this highlighter once I’ve set my makeup. However,  I will most likely not repurchase as the formula seems to contain alcohol (since I don’t have the ingredient list for the pink highlighter and am basing it off the gold highlighter ingredient list)

Gold highlighter – On the cheekbones, it does not deliver a significant difference. However, under the browbone, the shimmer is more noticeable. Hence, I will not be repurchasing.

Both highlighters have a light but pleasant scent, which is a result of the ingredient parfum/fragrance which may irritate those with sensitive skin. I’ve used the pink highlighter for about 5 months and personally have not had any reaction so if you are unsure, please do a patch test first before applying.

I’ve read reviews on how the brush tip makes it difficult to apply the highlighter onto the face – what I do is manoeuvre the brush so it collects as much product as possible then deposit it onto a tissue or piece of plastic(whether it be a lid or something) – this also reduces the amount of bacteria that can be transferred back and forth when using the applicator tip directly onto the skin – I deposit product 2-3 times until there’s a satisfying amount and then I use my finger to dab it onto the target areas.

The formula isn’t too thin but it isn’t too thick either so it’s pleasant on the skin however the opacity of the formula isn’t any spectacular on the cheeks especially so this is a product I can live without and hence will reconsider before repurchasing.

Also, a grey area with popular Korean cosmetics at the moment is that there’s little to no information provided for international consumers on whether they’re cruelty free but a lot of the common brands such as Etude House, Innisfree stock in China which means animal testing is allowed (in China) if required – Before anyone has a go at me saying that I have no right to be talking about this as I’m not vegan or anything, I’m not vegan but to be able to make a small difference whereever and whenever I can is better than doing nothing at all – I regret supporting some brands blindly and will talk about them in the blogposts to come.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is appreciated!



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