DOLLYWINK liquid eyeliner review

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A few years ago, DOLLYWINK liquid eyeliners were the ‘talk of town’ and I never got around to trying them out till till recently. The type and shade I purchased was the liquid eyeliner in brown for $24 AUD from W Cosmetics, Town Hall. I’ve been wearing brown eyeliner for almost a year but I’m particularly specific with how dark the shade of brown is in liquid eyeliners – with most eyeliner brands, they’re either a caramelly colour or a deep brown close to black but not as cool toned and since I finished the one I was currently using and they no longer continued the product, I decided to try out other brands of brown eyeliners – will be doing a review on all the brands of brown eyeliners I have soon.


Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the packaging as I didn’t take photos for this to be reviewed.

Close up of the tip

To get more product, you have to shake the pen up and down, hearing a click clack sound from within the pen – they remind me of The Face Shop liquid eyeliners – not sure if they’ve changed the construction and mechanics of their liquid eyeliners as I haven’t purchased their liners for several years.

The main reason as to why I purchased this eyeliner in a blink of an eye was the tip of the brush – it has a pointed smooth brush end instead of a felt tipped end which a lot of eyeliners have – I’ve tried using the felt tipped end ones once and never again as I feel a unpleasant scratchy sensation on my lash line (as skin around the eye is sensitive as opposed to the back of the hand where I test eyeliners because sticking the store tester product into my eye is asking for 101 infections and who knows what). 

Overall comments

Although the pointed smooth brush end allows for careful precision and defined lines, if you try to draw over a line to make it more opaque (the opacity of this eyeliner was probably at best 70% with one layer), product lifts off and you end up seeing the skin underneath. I personally did not find it waterproof or smudge proof(as claimed) although that may depend on each individual’s eye.

Therefore, I would not repurchase.

However that being said, I reckon it’s a good liquid eyeliner pen for a makeup beginner as you can easily rub off the lines if you’re wearing a base underneath especially.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated



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