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Hey guys,

I’m always late to the beauty hype-train so today I’ll be reviewing  a popular Taiwanese brand of face masks – they were really popular a few years ago and recently I was gifted some by a friend so decided to review these!

Left to right Black rose mask, rose moisturising essence mask, hyaluronic acid mask
Black rose mask ingredients
Rose moisturising essence mask ingredients
Hyaluronic acid mask ingredients

I personally have not done a thorough scan through the ingredients but have seen parfum/fragrance as an ingredient – so people with sensitive skin may experience a reaction with it but patch test if you’re unsure or don’t use it at all.

*Always use at your own will. My experience is mine and will not reflect yours.

Overall comments

I personally am not a fan of sheet masks as I always break out after them and there’s just so much waste involved with the non-woven face masks(there are a few brands and ranges that do coconut paper and other variations which are better for your skin) and the foil packaging. Often I find that for sheet masks to be effective, I’ll have to commit to wearing them diligently regularly which is never the case because I don’t consider a necessary step in my skincare routine.

I tried these masks with a few days in between the first and second one, and the third one was applied a day after the second one and honestly, I didn’t find a significant difference. Hence, refer to my previous sentence in regards to the steps required for sheet masks to be effective.

My favourite mask out of the three would’ve had to been the black rose mask – it seemed lighter than the other two and I didn’t break out as much after wearing the other two – though it may have been attributed to the fact that I did wear this mask last, after the second one which might mean that during  a 7 day cycle, my skin would’ve broken out in the first day and then gradually break out less with prolonged wear – but then if my skin wasn’t breaking out in the first place, I wouldn’t want to develop a dependence on sheet masks.

Personally, I will not be repurchasing.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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