BENEFIT Rollerlash mascara review

Hey guys, 

Today’s review will be on BENEFIT’s Rollerlash mascara – a product I loved but then disliked.

RRP: $42 AUD (purchased from Myer)

Left Full size | Right Sample

When I first used the sample, I fell in love with the application result (but to be honest, it was the first mascara I’ve used after a while and I had never used mascara unless it was for a formal event so I guess you could say my standards with the sample were low. )

The pamphlet/leaflet that was enclosed

Overall comments

This mascara is great for providing an even and natural coat of mascara on the first application – the applicator tip and the consistency of the formula were great but the non waterproof quality of the mascara put me off as I wear makeup for 6 hours + usually when I’m out and it’s not ideal for the mascara to be smudging and transferring onto the skin underneath my eyes.

Hence, I will not be repurchasing due to

  • the mascara not being waterproof though it is not advertised as having waterproof qualities. When I applied it to my lower lashes, on hot days, it would transfer, smudge and streak leaving me with literal panda eyes.
  • the brand itself not being cruelty free (this is more of an ethics influenced decision than a performance based decision) – I had purchased the mascara prior to researching whether this brand was cruelty free.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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