Sappho Books Wine Bar review

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I’m back with the cafe reviews! Tucked behind a bookstore front lays Sappho Books Wine Bar(51 Glebe Point Rd, Sydney NSW 2037) but we went there for brunch. My friend recommended me this place and the atmosphere is so chill despite the brightly decorated ‘interior’ – it’s a hybrid between outdoors and indoors – a lot of natural light filters through.

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At the end of wine bar seating area. 
Left to right Berry fruit whip, Mango fruit whip (both dairy free) $6 AUD each
Left to right Haloumi salad, Sappho’s falafel wrap
Sappho’s falafel wrap  Falafel, baba ghannou, hummus, red onion, mint, fresh tomato salsa and a side of piri piri $12 AUD

Overall comments

Overall, nothing majorly disappointing as the food tasted as expected. The main highlight of Sapphos was definitely the detail of the decor. I’d definitely be willing to come back here in the future as it’s quite spacious and I reckon it’d be good for studying or doing some work as I feel that it’s not that known to the ‘outside world’ at first glance – I always knew there was a bookstore there but I never knew there was a cafe/wine bar behind it! A brief getaway from the hustle of the city located just slightly away from the hub of the city serving brunch food at an affordable price.

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