BAGGU duffel bag review

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I’m back with a review not on skincare or makeup but on ethical and sustainable products/brand. The brand I’ll be talking about today will be BAGGU – a brand I’ve seen floating around online but hadn’t purchased anything from till now.

‘BAGGU is a design driven manufacturer of quality bags and accessories, known for our clean designs, pop colors, and cheeky prints. We are dedicated to providing high quality, high value environmentally friendly bags without sacrificing style or fun.’


There’s a long thick knit cardigan inside but could fit probably another 2-3 pieces of thin clothing


(but I purchased it for $35 AUD from theiconic when they did a massive 50% off sale )

The zipper is sewn onto one end of the bag which you can fold the bag into a handy compact pouch when not in use – perfect for travelling

Overall comments

I’ve been looking for an overnight-ish bag that has a long strap but isn’t bulky because the one I currently use for overnight stays is quite bulky so I was relieved when I found this, plus it was on sale from theiconic! Bonus! and on top of that, the label states that it’s produced ethically in China –

‘ Our factories in China are audited yearly by an independent third party for occupational health and safety. These audits help ensure that humane work hours and wages are enforced, and that the facilities are safe. We also work with factories that minimize the impact of our production on the environment. Our nylon is produced in an ISO 14001 certified factory.’


 Furthermore, the reason for the thin nylon fabric is partially due to the aim of taking as little space as possible if the bag does end up in the landfill eventually. You can read more about this here.

The thin, lightweight but durable fabric construction allows for it to to carry a hefty amount of weight yet still be portable and compact between uses. The other day, I carried most of my makeup and brushes to a friend’s house to film in this bag along with the contents of what I normally carry in my bag – compact umbrella, tissues, baby wipes, pouch, sunnies, waterbottle etc (I made a small video of what’s in my bag- you can check it out here.)

The only downside I have with this bag is the size of the duffel bag – it was surprisingly smaller than expected. It’s dimensions are 40cm(‘length’ of the bag) by 20x 20cm (circular side panels)

I definitely will consider repurchasing from this brand – especially their backpacks but currently my backpacks are still in pristine condition(I don’t really use backpacks because I mostly wear shoulder bags for uni ) and I’m aiming to live a less ‘cluttered’ life this year.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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