Orto trading co cafe review

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The other day, we went to this cafe located at 38 Waterloo St, Surry Hills NSW 2010. The walk there from Central station was a bit confusing so bless Google maps and eventually we arrived. There’s both an indoor and outdoor seating option, with the outdoor seating offering several white tables which featured rustic detailing on the tabletop.

Presentation of the dishes was sleek and clean, on white shaped plates and bowls.

Warm field mushroom salad with cavolo nero, salsa verde, hazelnuts, ricotta salata $16
PPAL freshly squeezed juice $6 or $7
The aftermath, image courtesy of Sel, don’t know what happened to the lighting here on my camera sorry !!

Overall comments

I chose the warm field mushroom salad because I love mushrooms and I tend to eat vegetarian when I eat brunch/lunch since I don’t skip breakfasts normally and also because I had a bad first experience with Gnocchi. Also, I didn’t know half the ingredients in the dish and couldn’t be bothered searching it up as we were really hungry so I was like ‘what’s the worse that could happen?’

My friends got the Gnocchi and the roasted pumpkin dish. I would definitely go back for the Gnocchi as it was pillowy soft and not at all tough and doughy and the pumpkin dish – as for the mushroom dish, it didn’t fit with my palate because cavolo nero (Tuscan kale) tasted fragrant with a strong tone reminiscent of soap. This was the first kale dish I’ve had and I don’t think I’m a kale person.

Their freshly squeezed PPAL juice was alright, definitely freshly squeezed as it had that sharp sour tang undertone – nothing too special.

I’d definitely go back for the Gnocchi and the Roast pumpkin dishes but not the drinks and the mushroom dish.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 




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