Nourished Life charcoal-infused floss picks review

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Another ‘natural care’ item I picked up from Nourished Life were these 100% biodegradable charcoal-infused floss picks which were also on sale at the time of purchase for $5 AUD not to mention that they are 100% biodegradable so no harm in trying these out!

RRP : $9.95 for 30 pieces


Overall comments

I’ve only used the generic floss rolls from Oral B or the plastic floss things that look like they have a spatula on one end and a flat thin arm on the other but with the rolls, where you use your fingers to hold the string, the string sometimes slips and the plastic floss things are most definitely not made out of biodegradable material, I was excited to try out these 100% biodegradable charcoal-infused floss picks – personal warning though, you do get through a pack quite fast!

Some of the reviews claimed that these were too weak for their liking but it depends on the individual’s personal strength, application strength, gaps between their teeth, method of application etc like if you yank it down straight away between two teeth that are close together, it would most likely break so best to test it out for yourself. I found that the ‘charcoal’ infused strands were quite thin, there’s a bunch of them at the tip bunched closely together, however, none of the strands broke for me but then I do take my time to floss because I have the paranoia of pulling the floss strand too quick and hard and having my gums bleed.

There’s also the tapered tip which is thin enough for you to remove anything that is stuck between your teeth yet it’s thick enough so that the tip doesn’t go between the teeth. What tops it off is that the floss picks and the packaging itself is said to be 100% biodegradable which means I can use floss picks guilt free.

The gaps between my teeth did not whiten as claimed but I’ve only used it for about 6 days – however it makes the whole flossing process much easier.

Hence, I’d definitely repurchase but since these are out of stock at the moment, I’m considering to purchase the Dr Tung’s floss or another brand of biodegradable floss picks (I’ve only seen another brand online) when I run out of these floss picks.

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