Bondi Wholefoods @ Surry Hills review

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Last time I went to Bondi Wholefoods @ Bondi (Read about it here) and this time we went to Bondi Wholefoods at Surry Hills (517 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010) which is more closer to the city. It’s been intermittently raining for about 2 weeks now in Sydney and my friend and I were devastated that we couldn’t go to Bondi Wholefoods @ Bondi as it’s a bit of an unsheltered walk to the location from the bus stop so we headed into Surry Hills with the intention of eating at another place (Cafe Mint) but on the bus ride there, my friend noticed there was a Bondi Wholefoods barely 5 minutes into the bus ride so yay!

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My order | Veggie patty wrap adzuki bean & kumara patty, shredded carrot, beetroot, baby spinach, Atticus & Max Nine Spice relish, light sour cream served on a toasted wholemeal wrap $13.90

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My order | Blue majik soy latte (forgot the ingredients and the online menu isn’t updated) $7.90
Friend’s order | Biodynamic lamb wrap Succulent biodynamic lamb, smashed avocado, grilled eggplant, roasted pepper strips & baby spinach leaves, served with a side of Tzatziki $17.90

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Overall comments

I tried out a different dish and drink this time, going for this blue majik latte – you are also given the option of choosing your milk – the latte pretty much tasted like soy milk – apparently the blue colour intensifies/ recedes depending on the type of milk used. The intense pink pigmented powder on top didn’t really taste memorable. The ingredients in the wrap were once again fresh and ‘clean tasting’, it tasted quite similar to the sweet potato wrap.

Like the Bondi Wholefoods at Bondi, there’s also the Wholefoods grocery store right next to the cafe portion and they had samples of organic mocha kombucha there today and it was an interesting gustatory experience – the taste didn’t linger as long as I expected it to but I don’t think I’d drink it by choice/ a lot of it.

I’d definitely revisit as it’s closer for me than Bondi’s Bondi Wholefoods and both times I went, the food was good as the ingredients are densely packed into the wraps – you may think that the portions are small but since the wraps are densely packed with nutrients (the amount of air inside I assume would be on the opposite spectrum of the amount of air in a bag of chips) , they fill you up without you having to eat more in quantity (I’m not a food health expert, I just read a bit about the importance of eating nutrient dense food.)

There’s also a lot of vegan options on the menu!

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