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I made my first purchase from Well Made Clothes the other day. This was my first ethical branded clothing purchase apart from thrift store clothing however I’ve got a few other item that have since arrived which I’ll compile into an ethical clothing fashion ‘haul’ review (to be honest it’s like 3 items). There is a slight difference between ethical and sustainable fashion in the sense that ethical fashion is more concerned with the social issues though it can cross over into sustainable fashion brands – a sustainable brand is most likely ethical however an ethical brand can be non- sustainable. The item that I purchased was from Nico.


For the first time in my 2 years of online shopping, I encountered a lost package issue – normally when I purchase items online, I tick it off as signature not required and I don’t remember whether I opted for the signature free option or not but I paid, left it and dove straight back into uni work, assuming that it would arrive soon – I often have 2-3 packages arriving regularly (all self funded purchases) and I’ve received every package that I’ve ticked off as no signature required or if there’s a signature required by default, then I’m happy to pick it up from the Post Office when I’m free.

So a week passed and I was like this is pretty weird, it hasn’t arrived, I’ll wait another week because on the website, it said that items can take up to 10 business days to arrive – and silly me did not check the tracking number which said that it had been delivered 3 business days from the date of my order so I was like O M G. I emailed their customer service and had to lodge an inquiry with AusPost who basically said that the package had been scanned and delivered and that it could’ve been left in a safe spot around my address, which I don’t know what type of safe spot I could’ve missed because I’m pretty sure whoever was meant to deliver the package didn’t toss it up the roof – long story short, after a few more emails with regards to Auspost to Wellmade customerservice, I figured out my emails were pointless and that Wellmade really couldn’t do anything about it since it’s technically not that responsibility once the package is out for delivery but I was really surprised and overwhelmed when they said that they would send a replacement out the next day, and I received that replacement in 2 business days and found it waiting for me after uni last Friday night!

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Everything is packaged in a black plastic bag which is made from recycled plastic – a plus! Inside, there is a laundry bag as this top is technically meant to be worn as underwear (as in under garments not underwear bottoms). This top in particular is double layered, in a sense it’s lined and bound with a trim. However, it’s not padded which isn’t an issue for my intended use as I was intending to wear it as a croptop which meant I would be wearing a bra underneath but if you’re looking for something with cups or padding, this top is not the one for you.

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Overall comment

Even though there were delivery issues I was really pleased with how customer service handled the situation. I will definitely be looking forward to purchase more items in the future BUT I will have to check the signature upon delivery option if possible or my heart will not rest.

Overall, in terms of pricing, ethical and sustainable fashion tends to be more costlier than fast fashion brands due to the cost of ethical labour and sustainable practices which often results in even better quality garments, ensuring that you get the most of wear in the long run.

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