Too Faced Born this way foundation review

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So I finally found my shade of foundation (technically overall shade of foundation cos my face is like two shades for some reason, darker towards the forehead and lighter closer to my chin) thanks to samples @ Mecca! I didn’t know you could obtain small pots of specific shades of foundation from Mecca to try out/ test for oxidisation/reaction till a friend told me about it.

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$57 AUD | 30ml

The foundation is said to include(taken from the packaging):

  • coconut water: to delicately replenish skin’s moisture levels
  • alpine rose: to brighten skin’s appearance and promote elasticity
  • hyaluronic acid: for a smother, more youthful appearance as it enhance’s the skin’s moisture content and simultaneously revitalise the skin’s outer layers, improving the skin’s wellbeing from within.
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Application via pump  | Shade: Warm Beige
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What I found interesting about the ingredient listing was that the presence of hyaluronic acid in the foundation was labelled sodium hyaluronate (as labelled on the box) which is a salt derived from hyaluronic acid. However, don’t fear as it has all the benefits offered by hyaluronic acid. That being said, this does not necessarily mean that sodium hyaluronate is ‘better’ than hyaluronic acid. As hyaluronic acid is more expensive, sodium hyaluronate shows up more often in skincare and makeup products. My question is whether it’s legal to label the presence of sodium hyaluronate as hyaluronic acid on the ‘marketing/statistics’ side of the box. I would see how it would be useful as a marketing tool as most people will just read the hyaluronic acid part and not read the additional mini description/tagline.

If you’re someone who does not use products that contain silica this is not the foundation for you(although a lot of mainstream brands do use common chemicals and minerals), as there is the presence of Silica dimethyl silylate which is deemed safe for use in cosmetics depending on the nature of the silica as well as the amount and frequency it is used [Source]

UNRETOUCHED IMAGE Finished with a translucent powder, after 6 hours the foundation allows oil from my Tzone to show (my T zone is normally oily after a few hours)

Overall comments

When I was testing out the sample for this foundation, I didn’t break out which was one main concern as I hadn’t used Western foundations before – I’ve only used Korean foundations and BB creams that were shades too light for my skin but their coverage was amazing.

Whilst this foundation doesn’t offer full coverage as it is more on the medium coverage end, I found that it did not streak on my face like the NARS weightless foundation did for me. This foundation will not cover blemishes but will balance out discolouration to an extent with a natural finish. The foundation has a moisturised to vaguely matte finish depending on what your base/skin type is.

Also,Too Faced is an animal cruelty free brand (accurate as of 2017) so that ticks the guilt free cruelty free cosmetics box.

With regards to the ingredients listed as I did not have time to thoroughly go through each ingredient but glossing over the ones I vaguely remember), this foundation is a standard example for other foundations at this price point and quality sold at Mecca – does what it’s supposed to do skin surface level but long time wear wise, not as bad as low end cosmetics you might find in Priceline and such but I can’t be too sure what the effect of wearing this daily for prolonged hours will do to the skin.

At this rate, If I can find a more ‘natural’ substitute then I won’t be repurchasing this foundation however, I’d definitely repurchase if I can’t find a cleaner alternative at this rate.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 




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