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Recently, I picked up an orange eyeshadow from INGLOT’s freedom system range as I had purchased from them last year and was satisfied with the quality of their products and how the products I purchased were paraben free. I’ve been loosely recommended their eyeshadows before and I’ve always wanted to try out their eyeshadows because they seem to have a lot of shades. Check out my last INGLOT cosmetics review here.

Something interesting about makeup brands I’ve noticed is that no common makeup brand has all the eyeshadow colours one could ever need – the colours and shades always differ across different brands which makes it more exciting!

RRP $12 AUD /2.3g

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Shade 383
Soft cut crease look using 2-3 layers of eyeshadow

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  • Carmine (CI 77266) This particular eyeshadow shade contains carmine so it is not Vegan friendly. 
  • Boron Nitride is a synthetic boron based inorganic compound used in cosmetics and personal care products to increase adherence and act as oil absorbent. [Source]
  • Lauroyl Lysine is an amino acid derivative, made from coconut fatty acid (coconut oil, which is highly comedogenic) [Source]
  • Talc ‘is a powdered native, hydrous magnesium silicate sometimes containing a small portion of aluminum silicate. Talc can be contaminated with asbestos fibers, posing risks for respiratory toxicity and cancer. Studies by the National Toxicology Panel demonstrated that cosmetic-grade talc free of asbestos is a form of magnesium silicate that also can be toxic and carcinogenic’

*Information is sourced from the internet

*I did not get to analyse every single ingredient in this eyeshadow due to time restraints but the general gist of it is that there’s a lot of preservative, silica varieties.

Overall comments

Compared to the Kiko eyeshadows I have, INGLOT eyeshadows do not live up to the pigmentation – I would give this eyeshadow a 4/5 in terms of pigmentation, colour could’ve been more opaque. Also, the eyeshadow is quite ‘stiff’ as compared to other powder eyeshadows I’ve used before which probably attributes to this 4/5 pigmentation? On another hand, the stiffness of the product as well as the fine powder parts allows for even blending which is a good thing. This eyeshadow is very matte, even after a whole day of wearing this, I had little oil on my eyelids which tend to get oily throughout the day so it holds up to its matte property.

Overall, this shade 383 delivers a pleasant orange shade that is buildable to a 4/5 pigmentation strength. However, due to the ingredient list containing some controversial beauty ingredients I will no longer purchase their eyeshadow singles unless the formula changes.

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