COAST TO COAST Rainforest skincare set review

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Picked up this Australian organic skincare set as part of a showbag from the annual Australian Royal Easter Show as I’ve never heard of this brand before and upon seeing that it was an ‘organic’ and Australian brand, I was like why not!

There’s 3 ranges offered for 3 skin types:

  • Coastal (Normal, dry or sensitive)
  • Rainforest (Oily, combination and/or blemish prone)
  • Outback (Dehydrated, dull or uneven)

The rainforest range is for oily, combination and/or blemish prone skin

L to R Pore refining facial exfoliant Rosalina & Wattleseed, Clarifying facial cleanser Rosalina & Eucalyptus

RRP (L to R) $24.95 AUD/ 100ml, $26.95 AUD/ 100ml

Shelf life unspecified

Pore refining facial exfoliant

‘This cooling skin resurfacer decongests blemish-prone skin & helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Protein-rich Wild Rosella & Wattleseed gently slough away surface cells & refine the skin’s texture, while Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Rosalina provide mild astringent benefits to reveal a clear & healthy complexion.’

Clarifying facial cleanser

‘Ideal for oily or problematic skin, this lightly foaming gel cleanser purges pores & impurities, while helping to control excess sebum. Enriched with soothing botanicals of Organic Aloe & Glycerin to calm, comfort & nourish the skin, while Lilly Pilly, Rosalina & Eucalyptus gently clean away dirt & debris to reveal fresh, clear & radiant looking skin.’

untitled-6665 copy
Pore purifying green clay mask Lilly Pilly & Chamomile

RRP $24.95 AUD / 50ml

Shelf life 18 months

This Australian Green Clay mask absorbs excess oil, draws out pollutants & gently tones for a deep down clean. Enriched with conditioning Chamomile, Lilly Pilly & Rosalina, these gentle astringents unclog pores & wash away impurities to uncover pure, clean & glowing skin.

untitled-6666 copy
Lightweight mattifying lotion Lilly Pilly & Rosalina

RRP $29.95 AUD/50ml

Shelf life 18 months

‘Minimize the appearance of pores with this lightweight moisturizer containing UV protectors & natural oil absorbers to reduce oily shine for a matte, yet radiant complexion. Purifying botanicals of Lilly Pilly & Rosalina help control oil production & clear congestion for a visibly smooth & refined skin surface, while Organic Aloe & Lavender deliver nourishment to dry zones, maintaining the skin’s delicate moisture balance.’

Overall comments

Honestly I was pretty skeptical because 4 of their full sized items were being sold for $26 AUD altogether, with the RRP of each one being around $25 AUD each – it couldn’t be that good right?

I feel like the ingredients in this range are effective independently but when mixed together, they produce a very potent and not exactly skin friendly mix – I wouldn’t consider my skin sensitive, it’s probably a normal on the sensitivity scale but my skin worsened after one use of these products, especially the facial exfoliator which I used on the back of my thighs because when I sit on train seats normally I’m in a skirt or something short during warmer days and train seats in Sydney are generally furry funky(in a bad way) smelling dusty seats so I’m pretty sure I pick up quite a bit of dust and whatnot from a train ride or two and I don’t want clogged pores or anything to occur so what I do is that I normally use a clarifying body soap like charcoal or a facial exfoliator to really cleanse any ‘grossness’ from sitting on public transport and such. I actually trialled the exfoliator for 2 days and the skin on the back of my thighs actually worsened with the appearance of bumps which still haven’t gone away since 2 or so days ago – this has never happened to me before. Not sure if I was just unlucky this time or if it was actually not good. The reason why I trialled the exfoliator on my body instead of my face was because the exfoliating formula was a physcial exfoliator which can cause microscopic cuts in the skin, and if used regularly sustain scarring as well as welcome the risk of infections but it depends on the skin as well as the type of exfoliator used – once again, I’m not a skincare expert.

When a product’s shelf life is 18 months, it either means that there’s a lot of preservatives inside or there is a strong concentration/ large amount of a stable ingredient (I’m assuming, I’m not skincare expert). Preservatives aren’t a bad thing – they’re there to prevent mould, eliminate or slow down bacteria growth etc but if they start interfering with the human body then it’s a concern – once again, each consumerly choice is at the discretion of the individual. Just to name a few non organic ingredients

  • Polysorbate 20 – a potential skin irritant
  • Phenoxyethanol 
  • Sodium copper chlorophyllin

Like what I said a sentence or two earlier, preservatives are fine but what I found ironic was that this brand that prided itself in it’s ‘organic-ness’ still manages to fit in preservatives when other brands can do the same without all these preservatives.

Probably the only positive thing about these 4 items is that they’re fixed with a cruelty free logo and it’s made domestically, in Australia. The product that affected/irritated me the least would be the mattifying lotion which surprisingly mattified my skin – however, I wouldn’t use it again or repurchase that product as it didn’t really moisturise my skin.

However, I will not repurchase.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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