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I made a purchase with NÜNBANGKOK just over a week ago when they had a 20% sale going on for Thai New Year. I read about the issue of F21 (Forever Twenty One) straight up copying and reproducing NÜNBANGKOK’s design as shown below. I never saw the appeal of Forever 21 and/or H&M’s clothes in particular the quality, like it just screamed low quality and lack of individual style in the sense that the styles were wear-once, throw out next day = welcome to the fast fashion world. I’m guilty of purchasing clothing from other fast fashion brands such as Glue, General Pants, Uniqlo and ASOS though I’m trying to curb back my fast fashion spending this year – so far I’ve been semi successful, having purchased 2-3 fast fashion pieces – me last year would’ve purchased maybe 10-12 pieces by now?

One of the tactics I’ve employed in lessening my fast fashion consumption is redirecting myself to ethical and sustainable brands which often cost maybe double or triple of sale fast fashion items, this dampens my bank account balance and forces me to heavily evaluate the longevity of a piece.

a froever 21

I chose the Talos Crop because I felt like I could layer this in the cooler months with a bodycon knit dress or a pair of highwaisted jeans, pants and or shorts and skirt. The original price was $72 USD which was roughly equivalent to $96 AUD and with the 20% off discount meant that the piece was now around $76.80 AUD. However, that does not include postage which was about $13 AUD/USD I forgot but the total ended up being similar to the original price.

I’m normally a size 8 AUS in torso but I opted for a size bigger so I could have room to layer dresses underneath and such. When I tried the top on before I washed it today, it fit me well with a bit of space under the armpits (I was worried the armpit area would be tight)

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 2.08.56 PM

Delivery was a smooth process and only took about 3-4 business days despite the parcel being sent from Thailand – on the day it was meant to arrive, there was noone home to pick it up so the package wasn’t delivered and was kept on hold by the delivery company. I received a text message notifying me that the delivery person was unable to deliver the package as noone was at home and that there were alternate options available in the ‘aftermath’ which included a reschedule of the delivery, so I rescheduled it for next week (today) which meant that I was at home as I have midsem break (but really we’re at home most of the time trying to finish assignments)

untitled-6734 copy

This bag was by far the most interesting, inside the delivery bag (which was made from recycled material) was this resealable sturdy bag – I reckon I’ll use it to store uni material when I’m on the go as I often find that I’m using so many plastic zip baggies and such which is such a waste and has a detrimental effect to the environment.

untitled-6735 copy

I feel a bit disappointed in the colour fix of the sleeves as when they were hang drying, the colour from the sleeves had started to fade and a blue undertone was showing – in the image below, both the main body and the sleeves appear to be blue toned black but in reality, the ribbed body is true black but the sleeves and blue tinted blue – like a noticeable difference from the body which will make it look awkward in the daytime.

As the sleeves comprise of a ribbed normal sleeve and a double layered fleece flared sleeve, drying it is very difficult as Sydney is in Autumn and heading into Winter in another month or two. I’ve linedried it since 9am and currently it’s 5pm now and it’s still not dry though the maximum temperature today was 24 degrees Celsius so will see how it goes tomorrow.

IMG_6739 copy

Overall comments 

Whilst I do like the designs, I will have to think twice about purchasing black garments due to my experience with the wash out. I will have to stick to white, grey or other light colours if I do purchase from them again.

However something to consider heavily when purchasing ethical clothing that aren’t basics is whether I really need that item as not all ethical garments are made from sustainable materials.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 




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