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A friend and I decided to check out SAGA on Enmore(178 Enmore Road, Enmore, NSW 2042) the other day when our schedules actually matched as this place has been circulating on social media for quite a while, maybe more than a few months? I don’t really remember but there were these really pretty cakes so we decided to see what the hype was about.

Disclaimer: I’m not a food blogger nor is this a food blog so the photos aren’t consistent topnotch quality but I will improve on my photography as I post more! 

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Table decor

The common interior aesthetic trend of having exposed fixtures and timber framing created the illusion of a larger space as there were about 4 tables which could seat 6 people and these tables were placed back to back, kind of reminds me of a school cafeteria. Around the back near the counters features a long higher table which faces into the wall. We didn’t wait too long for one of the 6 people tables to clear as we didn’t want to sit facing into the wall.


We went for dessert but were given a menu anyways so here’s a snapshot of the menu.

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Matt $15 AUD Milk crumb, matcha mousse, coconut chew, yuzu curd, vanilla butter cake, salted caramel and torched meringue

I couldn’t really taste the matcha. Overall, this cake had a ‘comfortable’ taste in the sense that the flavours weren’t sharp or overpowering, the coconut centre added a fragrant tone to the muted down matcha mousse whilst the crumbs added a texture and the cake parts provided depth to it, balancing out the buoyancy of the mousse. The dehydrated raspberries reminded me of popcorn.

The meringue was nice and stayed warm for quite a while.

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TONY $15 AUD Cocoa nib cake, milk crumb and raspberry mousse filled with baked cheesecake chunks, candied hazelnut and lemon jam. Drizzled with salted caramel and topped with torched meringue.

Unliked the matcha cake, this had a more sharper tangy taste but after getting through to half of the cake, I was kind of defeated because the taste was very ‘repetitive’ in the sense that the sense did not linger on my tongue but more like clung to it?

The meringue was the same as the one on the matcha cake.

Layers (Apologies for the shoddy shots, should’ve used the knife)

Overall comments

Warning: this is going to be the most back and forth overall comment I’ve done as of yet.

On the day of eating the cake honestly I wasn’t so enthused but after reconsidering : In a nutshell, from my taste’s preference and perspective, the cakes were nothing extraordinary nor were they disappointing as there was a lot of new textures and unique curated combinations of specific ingredients not commonly seen around this pricepoint.

I’m not like a cake connoisseur but as a fan of desserts in general, I expected more bursts of flavour in the cakes and more dynamic interplay between the ingredients – also I’m not sure if these cakes are for 1 person each or are recommended for sharing between 2 people because it gets heavy not in the sense of weighted texture but more like flavours, the flavours all lock into each other so it becomes one flavour almost and it just overwhelmed me. Also, that specific raspberry cake was either stored for at least 6 hours-1 day more than the matcha cake or the mousse settled/finished in a different way –  the outer was more ‘solid’ than the matcha cake which was interesting – not a major gripe but texture wise was interesting.

It was also quite a walk from Newtown station so I don’t think I would go out of my way to go back but if I’m with friends, sure. If there was a store around the city, I might go in and check out any new menu items once in a while.

Honestly, the whole aesthetic and sensory experience is what it’s about rather than the whole deconstruction of their products so don’t let my review deter you from going! 🙂

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 




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