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Deviating from reviewing mostly dessert and brunch spots, today’s blogpost will be on a popular lunch spot, Ippudo. The one I went to in particular was the one located at Central Park, Sydney – simply take the escalator down if you’re entering from the main road or the stairs if you’re entering from the park side.

Yesterday, we went to Ippudo for dinner after uni because we were waiting for our tutors to finish ‘parity’ which involves group evaluation from the tutors per project and no students are allowed to lurk around the immediate area where parity is taking place – i.e. we aren’t allowed in the room so it was around 6.15pm when we went to eat – so the lunch menu was (obviously) not in place anymore.

Also, there were sight changes to some of the ingredients in some of the dishes in the new version of the menus presented(though it was mostly a change of aesthetic). There was like a sauce/topping change in their Goma Q dish I think (I don’t remember exactly)

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Yamaimo fries $8 Japanese mountain yam sticks lightly battered and deep fried with a salted seaweed garnish. Served with teriyaki mayo.

I’ve never had yam fries before and it was an interesting experience in the sense that the outer was very chewy despite it being crispy in nature, the fry inner had an interesting texture, it was moist and starchy. I still prefer sweet potato fries 🙂

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Chicken bun $5 Fried chicken with cabbage and mayo in a steamed bun

Finally got to taste these steamed bun things that were heaps popular a year or so ago. This tasted so good but I know it’s not as healthy as it seems because of the mayo, the glistening oil on the chicken and the bun itself but once in a while is alright.

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Veggie ramen $15

IPPUDO thick and chewy noodles in a clear vegetable bouillon with pepperoncino oil, topped with sauteed tomato, fried mushrooms, rockets and sliced red onions

I’ve only had ramen a few times and this was my first vegetarian ramen. The mushrooms for some reason reminded me of the dehydrated vegetables in instant noodle relish sachets. The soup is very oily, more oily than their creamy broth options but it had the refreshing taste of vegetables.

Overall comments

The food tastes like what it’s meant to taste like and customer service is great (well it’s been great the 2 times I’ve been there) and efficient. I would definitely go back especially during the colder seasons or when I’m just craving broth but I would not eat there every day due to my preference of oil levels being as low as possible.

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