Canmake powder highlighter review

Hey guys,

Last Decemeber I was shopping at Sasa, Hong Kong and picked up this Canmake(Japanese brand) powder highlighter.

[ Note: these images were taken from when I was still in Hong Kong and I didn’t have a white backdrop to take the images on so I used my Mac lid instead so there’s a grey sheen and by the time I got back to Australia, I had already used the highlighter so didn’t want to take a photo of the highlighter being used. Apologies if this affects the review! Will prepare better in the future. ]


This was purchased at $70 HKD, roughly requivalent to $14 AUD. It comes with a complimentary brush, the bristles carefully guarded by a plastic sleeve. The size of the packaging measure 5cm x 5cm and the product segment measures 4cm x 2.3cm. The brush measures 4.5cm x 1.3cm. Overall, a very compact highlighter, ideal for travel.


Overall comments

I would not repurchase as it has a comparably less effect than TheFaceShop’s highlighting cream if applied in one layer though it’s definitely buildable. I think the reason as to why there was more product on my finger when I swatched it as opposed to when I applied it onto my face using the included brush was due to the difference in surface area, texture and pressure. This highlighter would be more suited as an eyeshadow base instead. However, when combined with a cream highlighter , this powder does accentuate and highlight (haha pun intended) the base layer of highlighter, creating a more stronger and even effect. Alternatively, you could layer the highlighter as mentioned earlier if you don’t like layering over cream highlighters.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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