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The other day we checked out grounds in the city because it was in the city and uni’s in the city so basically why not haha – For reference, I’ve never been to Alexandria grounds before so I have no expectations or standards towards the quality of the food but can I say I was pleasantly surprised – the experience did not centre soley on the food but also the interior as well as contemporary functions such as usb ports and such embedded in the vintage interior.

Upon arriving, the waitress checked if any tables were available for 2 people and upon discovering that none were free, she took down our name and phone number and were given a rough waiting time estimate of 30 minutes. Within 10-15 minutes of walking away we were notified that our table/space was ready and to reply with 1 if we were coming/still interested in going.

The inside of the eatery is dimly lit in a yellow glow. Even though we went there around 11am, it felt like the evening. For me, it felt like we were transported to another city.

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Booth lamp with menu and condiments
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Side of the booths
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For the full menu, check out Zomato .

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Napkin and table details
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Power source/outlet/charging stations : 2 x USB ports(right) + 1 plug (left)
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Steamed brown rice with ginger poached chicken $21 AUD

This was my friends’ dish and she enjoyed how the flavour wasn’t overpowering – it was definitely rich in freshness and had a homey wholesome taste to it. The rice was not dry at all, similar to the level of liquid/consistency/texture as risotto. The placement of the flower was kind of funny though, this image was taken just as the food arrived ^ and the flower had its stem up.

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Warm quinoa, oat and chia porridge $15 AUD

The banana slices were brulee-d/torched which gave a crackly caramelised burnt sugary layer to the taste. This porridge was very filling, with the berry compote adding a sour sweetness when the porridge was too bland – it was warm and creamy and just right. This item would be something I would try and make at home if I had time to or alternatively I could just go back. I almost finished this dish but since I had breakfast at around 7am, I couldn’t finish it all and I hate wasting good food (but then once again we were there for about 1 hour soo…)- so just a side not if you don’t eat much normally and want to order a multitude of additional dishes and don’t want to waste food, then maybe split this dish.

Raspberry and chocolate mousse cake $7.50 AUD

There was a dessert lady who wheeled a glass panelled layered cake tray and you could order from her or call a waiter/waitress/waitperson over to order a cake/dessert/additional menu items. The dessert lady on the day carefully explained each cake we enquired about in detail when she came around but we had just received our brunch food an she let us know she would be doing orbits/cycles around the cafe/eatery otherwise we could call over a waiter/waitress/waitperson.

At first this cake looks like your generic heavy dense or airy light mousse cake but it was unbelievably good, especially the bottom, there was some crunchy layer which balanced out the layers of cream/sauce/mousse in between – and best of all, it wasn’t too ‘artificially sweet’ as the layers were balanced in flavour.

Overall comments

The customer service was wonderful – from the detailed explanation of the cake to the technological efficiency of the waiting process and the waiting time to call over a waitperson.

The napkins surprised me the most because instead of regular paper napkins (which also contribute to environmental damage due to the needless quantity used by consumers), they had heavyweight cotton/linen ones? Not sure whether it was because of aesthetics or because of environmental concern (or both) but I realised then that a woven cloth napkin elevates the whole table setting when compared to just paper napkins on the table.

Being a huge sweet tooth, I am keen to try out more of their desserts as well as their hot drinks since it’s winter. They did do a deconstructed hot chocolate from memory but since we were so full we didn’t order it.

Hence, I would definitely revisit.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!




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