Too Faced Better than sex waterproof mascara review

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I was able to test out the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara (original) as a sample came with the Mecca Beauty Loop box. I later purchased the waterproof mascara out of curiosity to see whether it was ‘actually waterproof’. It cost $17 AUD from Mecca.

The shelf life after opening for this mascara says 6 months but I’ve always been conflicted as to how long I should keep mascaras for after breaking the seal. After researching around, I’ve come across this set of information numerous times with some sites saying that the 3 months guideline is a marketing tactic by companies to encourage consumers to purchase more so I guess the general consensus is 3-6 months or up to the consumer’s discretion.

  • When you break open the seal of any product, air, dust and bacteria come into contact with the product.
  • With mascara, as the wand often goes in and out numerous times per use, the amount of air, dust and bacteria that gets trapped during this process increases easily + they also thrive well in dark and moist places.

Pictured below is the sample size of the original (i.e. non waterproof) Better than sex mascara which I received as part of my Mecca Beauty Loop box. There’s fake water droplets on the barrel of the waterproof mascara but apart from that the packaging is pretty much the same to the original one.

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Overall comments

A handful of reviews have said that this mascara is clumpy so I was worried that I’d experience the same effect … and the first time I used it, it was clumpy in the sense that the mascara just balled up on my lashes (I was using it for my bottom lashes). My eyes are naturally dry and it’s currently Winter so there was’t as much face oil present but when I applied eye drops, the mascara didn’t budge.

These travel/deluxe/sample sizes mean that it’s convenient for travel or just to fit small bags – however, more quantities of these are produced which means that it’s not exactly the most environmentally friendly product.

I don’t think I would be repurchasing due to some ingredients present in the ingredients list regardless of me not experiencing any adverse reaction from the usage of this product – there’s beeswax which deems this product as Vegan unfriendly. There’s also paraffin which I haven’t seen in cosmetic products for a while.

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