BEAUTY BAKERIE Lipwhip liquid lipstick review

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I’ve reviewed BEAUTYBAKERIE’s Lipwhip liquid lipsticks before but that was when they had their original doefeet applicators so in this blogpost, I aim to provide a more in – depth review of the liquid lipsticks.

I purchased 2 shades: Syruptitious and Gingersnap when the lipwhips were on sale for $15 USD each, each normally retailing online for $20 USD, an average price for liquid lipsticks and lipsticks in general. I also purchased their Flour setting powder when they offered free shipping – these deals happened with a gap of a few days in between (no the deals did not overlap).  You can read the review here.

untitled-7555 copy
Top to bottom: Gingersnap, Syruptitious

Back to the newly improved doefeet applicator tips, since the hollow of the sponge means that the shape (of the sponge covered wire or plastic that looks like a bubble wand end) allows for less rigidity in the application of the lipwhip. The top of the new wand design is also tapered. In the image below, the new wand size looks smaller than the old wand size but it’s due to the sloping of the wand – it’s more sloped which adds to the precision and efficiency of application. untitled-7556 copy


The formula doesn’t seem to have changed – not sure if any ingredients have changed since the last formula but in terms of effectiveness, it was the same as the original – where after eating oily food, parts of the lipstick would wear off as shown in the image below. Eating any other food that was not oily or drinking anything that wasn’t oily would not have removed the lipstick.

As with all liquid lipsticks, Beauty Bakerie’s Lipwhip liquid lipsticks were not moisturising – what I like to do is apply a layer or 2 of moisturising lipbalm (not just any lipbalm. I currently use the Bathe to basics lipbalm, reviewed here.) before I do my makeup and by the time I get to the lips(about 25 minutes later), my lips are as moisturised as they can be + staying hydrated throughout the day is an essential too.

IMG_6867 copy
Comparison: minor lighting differences

Overall comments

From the first time I purchased Beauty Bakerie (when they only sold lipwhips and a few eye and brow products), there has since been a lot of product expansion which has been great for their loyal customers.

Now, a great majority of their products are animal cruelty free and has been since the beginning. However, that being said, if you’re looking for natural and organic makeup this is not the brand for you. I would consider this an effective and reliable makeup brand that has personally not given me any reactions to the lips or the face.

The only gripe I have with the lipwhips is that the lipstick isn’t foolproof when it comes to oil but then once again, if the lipwhips were indestructible then users would be in trouble if they were unable to remove the lipwhips at home without any specialised products.

I would definitely repurchase.


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