Le Monde Cafe, Surry Hills review

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Today, a friend and I went to eat brunch at Le Monde cafe because of the 4+ star rating on Zomato and also the aesthetics of the matcha hotcakes. Le Monde is located on 83 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 and features both indoor and outdoor seating.

*Apologies if the quality of the following images aren’t as clear as my other blogposts – took the images on a phone as I did not bring my camera.

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Roasted vege and brown rice salad Grilled haloumi, beetroot, pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, roquette, roasted carrot, toasted walnut and cashew pesto $16 AUD

This was a straightforward dish and was one of the few vegetarian options offered on the menu – I think the other options would’ve been the haloumi burger, matcha hotcakes, banana and fig bread, and pear bircher museli (which are breakfast options except for the matcha hotcakes and haloumi burger).

Didn’t take a photo of my friend’s dish which was he crunchy potato rosti tasted really nice- like a ‘refined hashbrown’ as she describes it.

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Matcha hotcakes Mascarpone cream, toasted grains, fresh fruit and coconut expresso $16AUD

We were both hyped up for the matcha hotcakes because it was recommended and the images looked good.

The fruit was as fresh as it could be – the fruits showed no signs of preslicing.

There was no coconut expresso as listed in the menu- it was more like expresso tinged maple syrup or something.

The hotcakes crumbled into soft pieces very easily so forking small pieces were hard. I like the pancakes from Grounds in the City which were similar in physicality to these hotcakes – just more thick and fluffy and more flavoursome – there was hardly any matcha flavour in it – I think the tiniest matcha flavour I tasted was conjured out of my imagination -idk help!

Overall, this dish was overhyped and not worth the $16 because it was just a meh experience. Both my friend and I literally looked at each other once we tasted the hotcakes and realised this was a mistake because it became more of a chore to finish as much of it as possible as to not waste it rather than actually willing to finish it because it tasted so good.

Overall comments

I don’t think I’ll be coming back anytime soon. The food tasted alright, it just wasn’t anything spectacular – just your average brunch food though I feel like with each dish there was an ingredient or 2 missing from the listed ingredient which didn’t really impact the overall brunching experience but it was just strange. Once again, we only had a selection of their dishes – maybe some of their other dishes are the game-changing ones. However, there is a limited range of vegetarian options in the lunch menu. If there were more dishes in general, I’d be more willing to come back.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!


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