Baby driver (2017) movie review

I read more books than watch movies but today I watched Baby driver, which is one of current hyped up movies of the moment. Everything apart from the short synopsis  and price quotes below is my opinion of the movie. I’m merely reviewing this as a viewer who appreciates thorough characterisation(the script and the acting)and a well thought out plot. Any potential spoilers will be written in grey.


Baby Driver follows the story of Baby (Ansel Elgort) who suffers from tinnitus as a result of a car crash which killed his parents and thus requires to listen to music to drown the ringing in his ears out. Baby works as a getaway driver under Doc, a heist mastermind in repayment for his (Baby’s) debt of stealing one of Doc’s cars. After being told that the next robbery will pay off his debt, Baby meets a waitress, Deborah at a diner and falls in love.

However, the next robbery does not go to plan and neither does the following bank heist attempt. Read more on IMDb .


The beginning of the movie showcases a series of somewhat Youtube-esque scenes where elements of the music sync up with the visuals on the screen as the protagonist, Baby dance wanders around streets to order and then deliver coffee to the ‘headquarters’/meeting/discussion point for Doc and the rest of his team.

The only thing that kept the movie going was the literal action of the movie. Any character, relationship, plot development was swept underneath the clichéd glamourising of fast paced crime and violence. The entire movie could be described in the short few minutes of the trailer. I found the scene(s) that weren’t cheesy and were the most ‘genuine’ would’ve been the scene where Baby sends off his foster father to a retirement home as well as his short interaction with the middle aged bank teller/clerk a day or so before the bank heist. 

I’m not sure if it was the script or the acting but I found the acting of most characters to be exaggerate or uncharacteristic, almost as if to compensate for the one-dimensional quality of most of the characters – the actors/actresses were almost like shells delivering overdone stereotypes . Somehow, when the characters brought out a snippet of their past, it was very convenient and very brief, only shown through conversation. The main two females in the movie were portrayed as accessories (to their partners) who are also lowkey badass but apart from that, especially Baby’s girlfriend, Deborah have no other reason to be there. Deborah’s dream is to like ride in a car to nowhere in particular listening to songs – if that’s your dream, you go girl. There’s almost no resistance, she’s so spontaneous that she’s cool with just doing whatever in the end (trying not to provide spoilers) but I guess that’s the power of love. 

There were also a few unintentionally comical scenes where I think the director or the writer was trying to paint the scene as serious but due to the overuse of slowmotion just looked like a high budget Youtube comedy skit – I don’t know, that’s my take on it. 

As a new Cinebuzz card(which allows for discounted tickets for students) takes at least 24 hours, I ended up paying $18.50 AUD / normal student price I think – I’m not too sure. I wouldn’t even watch this movie if it was free – a total waste of 1h 53 mins.

I thought that this movie was targeted towards an adult demographic but it seemed like it was more of a teen movie starring an ‘It guy’ who conveniently does not become ‘too rugged’ until the end of the film but even still, the severity of the injuries sustained through the movie are questionable.

Overall, it’s an action packed teen movie, full of gunshots and whatnot with poor characterisation and an abundance of unintentionally comical scenes which left me confused for hours rather than salty at my time wasted.



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