ISNTREE Hyaluronic acid aqua gel cream review

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I picked up the gel counterpart of Isntree’s moist cream moisturiser from Boniik the other day – (read the review here!).

If you haven’t read my other blogpost before reading this or you’re new to Korean cruelty free skincare, Isntree is a small Korean skincare brand that isn’t that well known to the Western market – they have around 10.7k followers on Instagram and all their posts are in Korean/ I also tried to search online if I could purchase their items online and nothing popped up so I was wondering if this is the first time it’s been sold in Sydney. Anyways, rambling aside, they are a cruelty free brand as shown by a rabbit icon at the base of their packaging as well as their products and they do not have fragrance/parfum as an ingredient in their moisturisers. Most of their products are natural or derived from natural/organic ingredients. [Remember not all organic/natural ingredients are compatible for the human skin! Same applies for synthetic ingredients. Each individual’s experience will differ!]

The price point of their products are priced at more affordable pricepoints than pretty much all of the skincare brand sold at Boniik.

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60ml/$21 AUD


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Overall comments

I’m actually using this as a body moisturiser at the moment as I’m still struggling to find a body moisturiser that won’t irritate my skin. What I do is that after showering, I mix a generous squeeze of the gel cream with a few drops of The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid and apply all over the body! This way, as much moisture is retained as there is still moisture from showering.

I’ve also used this as a facial moisturiser but I find that I prefer the moist cream moisturiser for my face as this gel cream moisturiser sinks into the skin really fast, leaving you with the impression that you barely applied any moisturiser on. Hence, I mix The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid as that allows for the moisturiser to stay on the surface of the skin a bit longer.

I do wish that this was available in a body moisturiser form/size as I would run out of this very quickly and it would be costly in the long term to keep purchasing the new ones but I would definitely repurchase this and I hope that Isntree becomes more popular in the skincare scene.

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