MOONSHOT jelly pot eyeshadow review

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Today I’ll be reviewing this jelly pot eyeshadow from Moonshot, a popular Korean makeup brand launched by YG entertainment.

When I spent over $50 AUD at Boniik at Sydney Town Hall, I received a free gift (from a selected range of items) and I chose this Moonshot jelly pot eyeshadow. They retail for $33 AUD at Sephora AUS but I’m not too sure about how much it costs to be shipped from Korea.

untitled-7577 copy
Shade: Stone pillow P01 | 6 month shelf life after opening
(Excuse the ratchet nails)

When I first peeled back the safety seal, the formula spilled but since it’s currently Winter still in Sydney the formula has solidified into a more solid cream form. In the image directly above, it seems to be a strong orange but it’s more of a pastel shimmery peach in real life.

untitled- copy
Swatch double eyelid crease, inner lowerlashline

With cream and liquid eyeshadows, when applied to any areas that have frequent creasing or movement, there is a high chance that the eyeshadow will fold and clump together so I lightly set the eyeshadow with a powder eyeshadow in a similar or a sheer shade.

Ingredients (source)

Water,Mica(CI77019),Titanium Dioxide(CI77891),Butylene Glycol,Synthetic Fluorphlogopite,Diglycerin,Peg-240/Hdi Copolymer Bis-Decyl Tetradeceth-20 Ether,Glycerin,1,2-Hexanediol,Iron Oxides(CI77489),Calcium Titanium Borosilicate,Magnesium Aluminum Silicate,Phenoxyethanol,Polyvinyl Alcohol,Carmine(CI75470),Ethylhexylglycerin,Tin Oxide,Polymethyl Methacrylate,Lauroyl Lysine

Some of the ingredients listed above are summarised briefly below.

  • Tin oxide: is considered safety under the conditions that the particles are not large enough to penetrate through the skin
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol: A synthetic polymer of vinyl alcohol that functions in cosmetics as a gel-based thickener, film-forming, and binding agent. This type of alcohol may pose a risk of aggravating skin unless combined with other ingredients that offset this potential, such as glycerin, emollients, or other skin-repairing ingredients. [Source]
  • Lauroyl Lysine is an Amino Acid derivative that is made from natural coconut fatty acid (coconut oil) [Source]
  • Carmine(CI75470) : made from the crushed shells of the female cochineal beetle. Thus, this product is not Vegan however it is arguably cruelty free.

*All the above research was sourced from the net. Please feel free to correct me if I have made a mistake/there is updated information.

Overall comments

The pigmentation of this eyeshadow is intense but it still has the tendency to crease when applied to an area prone to creasing such as the eyelids.

With most eye products that I use, I always get this muted stinging sensation, almost like a soft burning feeling and I’m not sure if this is a common thing that happens when eye makeup is placed near the eyelash line or if I’m reacting to a common ingredient. I just googled this and found out this burning sensation is a common experience for many eye-makeup wearers and this may mean that I have sensitive eyes and will need to change all my products that result in a slight burning sensation when applied.

Whilst the pigmentation and formula is amazing, I won’t be repurchasing anytime soon due to my eye sensitivity.

Thanks for reading any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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