LINDSAY hyaluronic acid modelling mask review

Recently, I’ve been seeing these modelling masks on Youtube where you make the masks yourself technically. There’s a premade powder mix and a spatula spoon in a container (either a plastic cup or a foil sachet bag) which you then mix and apply to the face, waiting for about 15-20 minutes for the mask to ‘solidify’ then you’re able to peel it off.


Price: $6AUD from the Boniik store at Town Hall, Sydney

What I saw on some Youtube reviews was that people accidentally added the whole suggested amount(or a bit more) of water into the powder mix and it became very watery. The recommended water amount was 7 ‘scoops’ of water (as measured by the spoon spatula they provided.) I filled it up to 5 scoops and it was pretty clumpy still so I added the reamining 2 scoops one at a time, stirring as I did. Eventually, I ended up with 9-10 scoops of water and there was still powder in the bottom of the bag but I didn’t realise till I finished applying the mask to my face and saw that there was leftover powder at the bottom. The foil bag isn’t a very effective bowl to mix in – should’ve gotten the ones in the cups.

Check out my video review here.

Overall comments

As it’s still Winter in Sydney, the mask was quite quite cold to the face, I felt like my face was being submerged into cold water.

Immediately after the mask was applied to the face, I felt this tightening sensation, almost like my skin was being tightened.

Sheet masks for me are a hit or miss as most of the time they just slip off or they cover my nose as my nose is flat compared to the average nose(and then I struggle to breathe because of the nose part of the sheet mask curving in whenever I breathe). What was great about this mask was that this mask would hold onto your face (you know those jelly window stickers?, it’s kinda like that).

When I peeled off the mask, there were these mold like black dots in the mask… to this day I don’t know what they are as the expiration date is in 2020.


Overall, this mask would make a great novelty item for those Summer days when you don’t really have anything that involves rigorous movement (because if parts of your face move, the mask starts to detach away from your face. Personally for me, it did not provide any moisturising effects but it did leave my face feeling soft.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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