Uncle Tetsu’s Angel garden, Sydney review

I’ve walked past this place many times but the other day decided to go into it so we could sit down as there were hardly any public seats in Sydney’s Town Hall area. Naturally, we ordered some dessert items, one being their matcha softserve parfait and their matcha green tea cheese tart.

I can’t find an online menu of their desserts – they can be found instore in their menu books.

I was surprised at the level of smoothness in the texture of the green tea icecream. Not sure if that batch was extra smooth or if all their batches of soft serve icecream are that smooth.

The matcha cheese tart on the other hand did not disappoint either – it had a perfectly crisp biscuit casing and a smooth creamy matcha cheese filling.

IMG_0115 copy
$8 AUD
IMG_0116 copy
Matcha cheese tart $4.20 AUD

Overall comments

I would definitely go back in the future, especially for their green tea softserve parfait and the matcha cheese tart. The only gripe I have is that it’s situated underground and more timeconsuming to access than their above cheesecake store which sells the original cheesecake. However, this also means that there isn’t the huge crowds of people that normally peak around 5-6pm in the above cheesecake store.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!



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