ACWELL masks review (honey antiwrinkle and drinks purifying)

Hey guys, 

I received these for free for spending over $50 AUD at Boniik so I’ll be reviewing them today.

The ACWELL brand “makes an effort for putting the fine ingredient to the skin with continuous study and experiment using Korea representative medical book ‘Dongeuibogam’ for skin part” [Source]. There’s not much additional information on their website and I’m not sure if this brand is cruelty free as there is no more information apart from the brand story on their site. The honey mask pictured below is definitely not Vegan as it contains honey.


Fragrance: A muted scent


Fragrance: A fresh scent, almost like handsoap

Overall comments

‘The pink mask is meant to be purifying as suggested on the mask packaging but I felt like this one was firmer than the honey one which was meant to be firming and anti-wrinkling. Another thing is that the ingredients are in Korean so it’s hard to tell what’s in these masks.

There’s no plastic support film which usually comes with most facial masks nowadays – which is both a good and bad thing – less waste for the environment but also results in a saggier mask. There is a lot of formula left in the sachet after removing the mask sheet from the packaging.

I feel like this is one of those drugstore facial masks that has an overhyped packaging so I won’t be repurchasing these anytime soon.

Thanks for reading – any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! 



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