NUDESTIX What’s your matte? review

So my friend was in Hawaii recently – which meant SEPHORA with a WIDER COLLECTION!!! Also a fraction cheaper than the Australian retail price. 

Anyways, picked up this NUDESTIX What’s your matte? set because the Sydney Pitt Street store didn’t sell it – and also it would’ve been a tad bit cheaper. I’ve tried out NUDESTIX products before in the past and funnily, I initially didn’t like them but they grew on me as I figured out a way to utilise them to their fullest potential. Read my previous NUDESTIX review here!

This trio comes in 3 mini sizes of the shades ROYAL, RETRO and PURITY – PURITY which I already  have in my Babeboss set.

untitled-7930 copy

The What’s your matte? trio lipcolour kit comes with 3 mini sized lipsticks with a sharpener which comes with a lid so the blade doesn’t catch onto anything if left loose in your bag or with your clothes as well as a tin with a mirrored lid for ease of application. I don’t know if it’s just me or their mirrored surfaces always seem to distort the face at a weird narrow or wider angle depending on which angle you view it at.

untitled-7932 copy

untitled- copy

RRP: $24 USD (VAL $72), roughly $33-36 AUD with tax (forgot)

On cruelty free status: 

NUDESTIX sells in China but through a loophole that allows their products to avoid random compulsory testing where the company submits in-vitro safety data to the authorities.

Read more here

Overall comments

The formula is very creamy and it does stain the lips, especially the deeper shades as the day goes by. It does wipe off towards the inner edges of the lips through repetitive eating. and contact with food.

For the price of roughly $33-36 AUD for a set of 3 heavily pigmented lipcolours with a sharpener, and all of this encased in a travel friendly tin, this is set is ideal for those looking to go from day to night looks without taking up too much space. Honestly, you could do without the tin and just carry the lipsticks of your choice + the sharpener as the sharpener has a lid anyways.

What improvements I wish for include an increase in the staying power of the lipcolours as well as the mirror quality of the included mirror inside their tin lids.

Thanks for reading – let me know what you want me to review next!




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