TSUNO natural bamboo pads review

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As always, I’ve always been looking for sustainable, and if possible, cost efficient alternatives to the commonly used products in my daily life – today’s focus will be on a feminine hygiene product – pads. Realising that the consideration of the environmental consequences of the disposal of these hygiene products end once they land in the landfill has provoked me to consider making a difference where possible. However, it is also important to note that generally, ethical and sustainable brands are priced higher and may only be able to be purchased online or through select retailers. Thus accessibility to these brands will be limited in the meantime.

I was on the site Nourished Life when I stumbled across this brand, Tsuno.

Tsuno was founded as a result of a discovery that millions of women living in poverty resort to managing their periods in unhygienic ways from the use of newspaper, leaves and rags. 50%/ half of the profits are donated to charity.

These natural bamboo pads are

  • ultra thin and super absorbent
  • made from natural bamboo and corn fibre
  • chlorine and dioxin bleach free
  • made out of biodegradable plastic

Each box also showcases unique artworks and prints from artists with this box featuring Kylie Zerbst, the founder of the brand Obus (obus.com.au), who is passionate about sustaining local businesses and communities.

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Overall comments

As the adhesive isn’t as strong as the common brands of pads, it’s difficult to wear these out in the day as the whole pad shifts from its original position. However, that being said, these are great for layering in conjunction with a day pad if you run out of night pads.

Costing $6.80 for a pack of 10 pads, this box of pads is priced higher than most prices of pads which is understandable given the ‘niche’ way of production as compared to the mass production of the common brands of pads found in the supermarket.

With the above factors considered, I would definitely repurchase if the adhesive is more strong and if the price point is pared back closer to the $5 mark as I am a full time student at the moment (and am trying to save every dollar possible).


Thanks for reading – let me know what you want reviewed next!



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