COVERFX Glitter drops review

‘weightless drops of ultra-fine glitter can be used anywhere you want a lustrous glow. Clinically tested, paraben, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc free. Vegan’

Hey everyone,

You may have seen bottles of these/ or variations of these ‘liquid glitter drops’ – almost every brand has jumped onto the bandwagon but I picked the CoverFX one from Sephora as both the pigmentation and glitter/shimmer payoff were intense when I tried it.

A little backstory on Coverfx – They are a cosmetics brand that ‘offers award-winning formulas and a diverse range of foundation in 40 shades and 3 undertones’. To top it off, their items are Vegan and cruelty free which means that no direct animal or derived products are used in the production nor testing of the product.

DSC05530 copy.jpgTheir glitter drops come in 3 shades/colours – Mirage, Aurora and Lunar.

Mirage, best described as a golden champagne glitter, is the most popular shade as it is more versatile than the other two – aurora(shimmery pastel pink purple) and lunar(iridescent blue).


What’s really useful about dropper applicators is that it allows the user to dispense the required amount and the ‘no contact’ feature of the tip means that there are less chances of contamination – this can actually be used between people without the sanitisation process – correct me if I’m wrong

DSC05030 copy blog
Mirage – golden champagne glitter
Ingredients list

Overall comments

Priced at $72 AUD with a shelf life of 12 months after opening, it’s definitely on the pricier end of makeup products that aren’t usually considered a ‘necessity’ i.e. base products.

It’s definitely worth the investment if you’re going to use it for a variety of purposes – which is what this product is designed for – highlight on the cheeks, nose, collarbones, artistic tears as shown in the above image etc.

Thanks for reading – let me know what you want reviewed next!




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