Juggle Struggle : Pt 11

Hi everyone old and new to the blog, 

I have not written a blogpost of miscellaneous ponderings and whimsical wonderings in quite a while – Looking back at my previous Juggle Struggle posts, there is one constant thing that hasn’t changed – I’m always (and still am) short on time.

When I heard that if you really wanted to do something, you would be able to make time for it but now I’ve realised that that statement doesn’t apply to 7263 hobbies and interests you want to pursue equally(okay maybe not 7263 but maybe around 8?). This isn’t a blogpost on me whinging ‘o woe is me, I’m ToO bUsY’ but more on the fact that learning lessons throughout life comprises of having these ‘statements’ debunked and your illusion shattered lmao.

It’s my last semester of my three years studying interior architecture at uni and I’m beyond stoked to complete my bachelor’s degree. I try not to live my life regretting past decisions but if I had to turn back time to change anything in regards to my uni experience and results, I’d have tried harder in second year. I feel as if after first year, my motivation just faded into this abyss that I couldn’t drag myself out of.

Back to why I’m excited to finish uni – whilst I acknowledge the huge part the education system has provided niche schooling opportunities such as selective schools and such, I never really thrived in school. Like yeah I would get good grades in English and design (the subjects that don’t matter to an Asian parent lolol ) but like I didn’t feel alive as a creative in an academic environment.

Sometimes, I have these slivers of regret and wonder how different my life would be if I studied viscom or photography instead of interior architecture but truly in that moment of my decision, I really was interested in interior architecture because I wanted to create innovative and sustainable designs (also my ATAR wasn’t enough for viscom I think hahaha).

Last year, I was completely lost because I felt completely detached to my uni degree – from when I was younger, I’d always had a dream career planned out – always creative (despite my parents objections). Near the end of highschool, I wanted to pursue fashion design but I decided to take up interior architecture so I could have the best of both worlds but last year when I went through that absence of direction stage, I realised I was 2 years in deep with no postgrad direction – everything just seemed so mundane.


So on paper, I’ll graduate with a bachelor of interior architecture but where does my heart really belong?


Maybe there isn’t just one path I’m destined to go along and as a creative, I’ll always incorporate different disciplines and that’s how I’ll be: somewhat uncategorised but (hopefully) living my best life.



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