LE LABO shampoo review

Hey everyone, 

If you’re no stranger to the beauty and skincare scene, chances are you’ve most likely heard of the brand Le Labo. Moreover, you might’ve associated it with their natural fragrances which is what the brand is renowned for but they also stock products for the body, hair and skin.

Founded in 2006 in New York City, Le Labo focuses on products that are

  • Plant-based, genderless, claimless, vegan
  • Free of any promise other than making you feel good while using it

Though acquired by the Estee Lauder group in 2014, Le Labo maintains its cruelty free stance and does not sell its products in China.

I purchased this for $39 AUD from Mecca and the shelf life is 24 months after opening.

The packaging is quite straightforward and simple, with no excess packaging to product ratio. The bottle is also recyclable.


DSC05550 copy
Close up of the lid


DSC05549 copy
Ingredient list

Overall comments

I’ve found with this shampoo that it leaves your hair weightlessly clean without any oily residue. Your experience may differ depending on your hair type and the frequency of your hair washes. Despite its simple cylindrical bottle shape, its quite sturdy and compact, almost like a medium sized travel size product (unfortunately it’s 250ml so it’d not pass customs) so I can see myself packing this shampoo when I travel without worrying as much as the slimmer bottle versions of shampoos leaking midflight.

Though more on the costly side compared to most shampoo brands found in the supermarkets, I believe that this product is worth every dollar. (That being said, I’m not saying to go and neglect your financial responsibilities to buy pricey shampoo if it’s out of your budget.)


Thanks for reading – let me know what you want reviewed next!



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