NEOGEN Ocean feeding serum review

Hey all,

I picked up this serum several weeks ago to ease off the stress on my skin from a lack of substantial sleep and also stress due to an intense wave of uni and work commitments which meant I would mostly be in indoor conditions without fresh ‘outside’ air circulation. I currently use a hyaluronic toner (Isntree hyaluronic toner) and a moisturiser (Huxley Secret of Sahara cream: Anti gravity)after I cleanse my face but I wanted to increase and seal in the moisture content of my skin so I chose this product.

NEOGEN dermalogy is a Korean skincare brand that has products tailored to suit specific skin conditions with a focus on natural ingredients.

DSC05552 copy.jpg
Ingredient list


DSC05553 copy.jpg

Price: $49 AUD from the Boniik store.

DSC05552 copy.jpg
After several weeks of use

An innovative feature of the product dispensing process of this serum is the inner mechanism that pushes the product up.

For the longest time, I was wondering why the product level line was still at the top as most products use the classic tube pump method where there’s a tube that runs the height of the bottom. If you think about it, this serum’s ‘push up’ method is actually a very effective method of dispensing product though there is a greater amount of plastic involved in this design.

Overall comments

This serum has a liquidy gel form when in the bottle but when applied, it absorbs into a skin after a minute or so. For me, this is the right texture and product thickness as there are days still that are dry and cold and because my moisturiser is quite thick, I don’t want a serum that takes a long time to settle down nor one that is too thin.

From the sample instore, the fragrance didn’t seem too strong so I thought I’d be okay – This serum does contain fragrance so if you’re mildly sensitive to fragrance in facial skincare products like I am, do a test patch before applying it to the rest of your face. For the most part, I did not break out or have large patches of red skin – it was only my cheeks that would go more red and have small breakouts but I’ve found that when applying the serum to avoid the cheek areas and I’d be fine.

I’ve found that my skin feels more moist and plump on a daily basis after using this serum and it’s almost been over a month since I started using this and there’s still half a bottle left so it’s worth the pricepoint. However, it is important to know that skincare can only take you so far – your lifestyle and diet play a large part in skin maintenance as well.

I would definitely repurchase this if there was no fragrance at all.

Thanks for reading – let me know what you want reviewed next!




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