About me

Hey guys, 

I’m Emily, an aspiring designer from Sydney, Australia

I started this blog with the intention of reviewing beauty, fashion products with an emphasis on the importance of environmental sustainability as well as ethics. I generally post twice a week (or more especially during uni break).

I’ll be upgrading the aesthetics and content of my blog as I go so here are some fun facts about myself –

  1. My (by the end of) 2017 resolution is to be more of an ethical and sustainable consumer.
  2. I have a love for sheer, transparent fabrics, bags, clothes, shoes.
  3. If I was academically determined enough, I’d have pursued a path in psychology.
  4. I don’t have a set genre in music: I grew up listening to Kate Nash, Lisa Mitchell and Lily Allen and now my preferences are whatever sounds good. Currently obsessed with Bruno Major, DEAN, Heize.
  5. I consider myself a sensory learner and a visual thinker.

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